Hello, My name is Troy Deus, A Software User Experience Advocate, Strategiest, Director, and Architect. Product is my passion.

So what do you do for a living?

Even though I’ve explained it to my mom a number of times its actually pretty simple.  I help bring applications to life.  Much like an animator brings a writers vision to the big screen, I help companies bring products to market.  Each product starts as an idea that without proper execution will fall flat.  Once the idea is born, user experience architects helps define how the users will interact with this new product.  I train, manage, and consult teams on how to use Information Architecture, usability, and visual design to build products that meet the users needs as well as your business objectives.  When you create an overall user experience that is intuitive, pleasant, and memorable, you will have a loyal customer on your hands.

Recent Projects

Helped Technology One deliver a compelling user experience and user interface design for the new Bridgestonegolf.com site allowing the brand to showcase their products, give information on their tour professionals, and allow users to follow a wizard to help them pick exactly the right ball for their game.

UX Blog

Problem: How do you provide a quality user experience in the fast pace world of agile environment? The common misconceptionabout user experience is that it slows down the process. If done correctly and in the right steps will speed up time to market and will make the development process far less expensive. Here is how you do it…


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